does anyone have a solution to alert you if your PC is down?

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does anyone have a solution to alert you if your PC is down?

by saintjohnny » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:57 pm

Here is my current solution: I setup a script on a raspberry pi to ping my security machine that is running sighthound to hopefully alert me if the computer goes offline or crashes/freezes, but I'm thinking there may be cases where a computer is locked up to the point of not recording video but still responds to pings so that i may not get alerted?

Has anyone found a good solution for this? Maybe I could write a program on the security machine's end to do something on intervals as well but nothing comes to mind since a frozen machine cant tell you its frozen other than emailing every hour to confirm it is still working, but then I'd have to deal with annoying emails so I'd rather just have a machine monitor that machine since the raspberry pi isn't likely to crash/freeze up as a windows machine that gets updates etc.

id like to stay away from third party solutions especially ones that cost money

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Re: does anyone have a solution to alert you if your PC is d

by jamster » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:42 am

It's 3rd party but I use
It has an agent which you install on the PC, which monitors other factors like CPU usage, so you can have it alert if the CPU gets stuck - which is what I find tends to stop the cameras recording. You can also do HTTP checks so you might find a way to have it check cameras too. I pay for a monthly subscription because I use it for some other services, but there's a free option - and a $4.95 / year option too.

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