Ability to migrate video library and index to other systems

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Ability to migrate video library and index to other systems

by sethf » Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:23 pm

Currently it is possible to migrate the camera configuration and rules to another system, but not the existing video library and video index.

I recently had to move a Sight Hound installation to another computer and was unable to bring the existing video library with it. This is bad because now the historical record is split between two computers, making investigation of events spanning the migration date much more difficult.

Please give users a one click feature to export and import the entire Sight Hound installation to a new system.

Ideally it would also be a cross platform tool in the event that a user needed to switch between macOS and Windows at the same time.

I envision the migration tool offering the choice between exporting the entire installation to an external hard drive, or performing the migration directly between the two systems over a LAN connection, or with a network share as a way point.

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