Version 6 impressions

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Version 6 impressions

by JesseS » Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:39 am

So, I have been on version 6 for a week or so and am underwhelmed so far. My CPU usage with 9 cameras has gone from 75% on ver 5 to 100% on ver 6, so no adding another camera without purchasing a new computer. (I am using a dedicated Apple iMac I5) Ver 6 is still triggering on car lights at night, as well as sun glare or reflections during the day, seems to be less of that with ver 6 but I got 23 false notifications just in one day. (will try adding a second or two to the detection time) I still have the constant camera reconnects in grid view as with ver 5, just not as many. All in all considering the 2 years invested in rolling this version out I had expected more improvements in both the UI and performance. Here is to hoping there will be some updates soon, especially to the high resource usage, as I can't run any other program without degrading SHV performance even more, I had really wanted to add another camera or two once ver 6 was released but can't see springing for a i7 computer just for that.

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