Sighthound Video 6 - Release Candidate 1

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Sighthound Video 6 - Release Candidate 1

by JamesLaugesen » Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:44 pm

Re; ... andidate-1
Greetings Sighthound Users,

Today we release the first Release Candidate version for Sighthound Video.

Very exciting to see a v6 release candidate, nice work guys!

I've noticed two issues since updating...

1. Command actions seem to be firing on any object detection, regardless of whether the Rule criteria has been met.
I haven't done much troubleshooting on this yet.
Just tried 'toggling' the Command (disable Command, save Rule, enable Command, save Rule.), which seems to make no difference.
With all Commands on a particular camera disabled, the Command does not fire.
However with at-least one Command enabled (as-in, one Rule with an enabled Command.), that Command will fire on detection of any object regardless of the Rule criteria.

2. "Export clip to ... A local folder" seems to not work.
I have clips meeting Rules, confirmed using "Search" and selecting a particular Rule, however these clips are not exported to the selected local folder. These clips are also listed as "(not saved by a rule)", which I imagine is related.

I'll try removing and re-creating some rules, incase there's some issue 'migrating' old rules into the new version... but figured I'd post to get some discussion on RC1 started :)

PS; Also just a heads-up that this version is still listed as "Sighthound Video BETA" on "My Account" > "Sighthound Video";

I'm assuming this is the RC version, as the About dialog shows "version 6.0.4RC1 build 17522";

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Re: Sighthound Video 6 - Release Candidate 1

by cwizard » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:11 pm

I've already got Sighthound piping video alerts into my Discord and I love it.

Keep adding value add features like this =D

FYI Discord likes application/json and it needs to be formatted like:

"content": "Movement at Gate"

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