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by Jose » Sat May 11, 2019 5:55 pm

The Existing Sighthound Rule "Inside my Region" does not work properly. Sometime, you have to wait more than 5 second or 1 minute to see the trigger ran. These 5 secondes are realy enough since Sighthound is supposed to capture too many event during 5 seconds. The rule seems to not be accuracy.

We suggest to create a kind of Virtual Occupancy Motion Detector Sensor with Option to setup the number of second during which the object or person is supposed to be detected and to trigger an action.
For example: If the person is inside my Region, after 1 second, then we can display the value of the Virtual Occupancy Sensor will automatically increase to 10%, when the Person is Outside my Region then the Virtual Occupancy Sensor value will automaticaly degrease to 0%. Or we can said IF Inside my Region , the Occupancy value =1; IF OutSide my Region then Occupancy value = 0.

By doing so, we will be able to integrate Sighthound Video with Node-Red or any other MQTT Solution.
When Sighthound detect or recongize, the Sighthound will send the Value 1 to an external application for processing. When Sighthound did not detected any object or person, car, the Value send to externan application is 0.

We then can imagine a NODE-RED AI CONTRIB Package for Sighthound Integration with NODE-RED for IoT Applications.
This will open limitless opportunities with Sighthound as an IoT AI Platform.

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