Detection on cameras help

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Detection on cameras help

by jmwhooper » Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:06 am

I've got an outdoor camera and I want to detect if someone comes through the gate onto my driveway. I've tried various methods including crossing boundary, entering a region, through a door etc but it's not picking up the tests I've been doing.

I've attached an image showing a crossing boundary rule.

Any tips on best use of a region to detect the entry through the large gate?

Main Gate.jpg
crossing boundary example

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Re: Detection on cameras help

by Semper Vaporo » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:39 pm

Try raising the line higher. Also try tipping the line at an angle (in your situation, low on the left, high on the right). I believe the "Crossing a Line" detection requires the center of the detected moving person/object to cross the line. With the line low, only a very short detection box would have the center cross the line. A tall detection rectangle would have to come deep into the driveway before the center would cross a low line.

It can take some mind bending to think in terms of a flat scene... the software does not know about depth in the scene. You have to take that into account when selecting the detection method.

"Entering or Exiting a door" also requires an opaque door, so the moving person/object will just appear in the scene, rather than come in from the side. If the movement is seen through the door/gate, it cannot just "suddenly appear".
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