Happy GDPR Day! Computer Vision & Privacy In The GDPR World

May 25, 2018

Now that everyone you’ve ever dealt with online has contacted you and asked for your permission to stay in touch, your inbox can finally revert to its original use - being filled with offers of help by bubbly sales reps at lead generation companies. There is however another aspect to all the GDPR hoopla beyond privacy policies and check boxes.

At Sighthound we’ve noticed a heightened awareness, not just in Europe, of privacy concerns in general, and in particular requests for video redaction software.

Since finding faces and license plates are two of the things that Sighthound is best at, it should come as no surprise that we are one of the leading suppliers of video redaction software for freedom of information request distributions and public broadcast. Our customers in the public safety and law enforcement industries use our desktop, client server and cloud deployable redaction software to remove personally identifiable information from video. What used to be a slow and painful task is now a button click away. Looking for redaction software? Click Here.

Group of people in crowd with redacted faces

We also supply the Sighthound Sentry SDK with face detection and blurring capabilities for integration into third party applications, especially ones with the need for real-time video feed privacy protection. One of the themes coming from European customers in recent months is the protection of identities whilst video is being viewed or reviewed, not just when the video is exported from the system or distributed. Sentry makes this possible.

If you have concerns that you should be protecting the identities of people in videos you are capturing, or would like a demonstration of our redaction capabilities, drop a line to We’d love to help.