Vitamin D is now Sighthound!

If you've tried Vitamin D but wanted more, try the free download of Sighthound Video.


What makes Sighthound revolutionary is the use of advanced computer vision to detect people, not just movement. Most other security software only uses motion detection, which watches pixels change from light to dark. It has no idea what it saw.

Sighthound solves two of the biggest problems in video security; it makes real time alerts far more likely to accurately detect people, and it makes searching back through days of video footage about as easy as a Google search.

Lots of New Features

  • Highlight reels, timestamps, H264, more cameras
  • Better human tracking and detection
  • The paid versions also have - iPhone and Android Apps, remote access on a web browser, save clips to Dropbox, multi-camera, HD, match video source to camera and more.

Free Starter Edition includes 14 day Pro trial

Experience Pro features for free - Multi-Cam + HD video, remote access, and more!